jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2007

Referencias y tutoriales para el principiante

Algunos lugares que -como novato- visito frecuentemente para mi referencia

FAQ tutorial de Unix básico de Hurricane Electric

Linux File Server tutorial también útil para empezar

BAsh programming intro howto de faqs.org

An A-Z Index of the Linux BASH command line

Advancing BASH scripting guide

Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial v1.05r3 A Beginner's handbook

Tutoriales de Subversion

svn command line, tutorial for begineers Muy bueno como entrada al tema, práctico y directo

Version control with subversion compiled from r2866 la guía completa

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mila dijo...

First, I will say that the majority of problems users have in the unix environment when they are dealing with files and scripts have to do with one of two problems: ownership and permissions. As a former systems administrator the biggest user complaints were quieted with correcting these types of problems. Sadly, though, the error messages aren't always clear. You can get a "not available" or "not accessible" or some other variation which is confusing for the average user.

As long as you are not a lazy person (for example, not making a copy of a program before editing it) the unix environment is a joy in which to work and develop; the possibilities limited only by your imagination. It is a clean, elegant, powerful, and extremely environment.

Linux has come a long way, too, since its earliest days. I remember only two years ago practically ripping my hair out trying to get/install/write drivers for common peripherals. I have recently purchased Mandriva Spring 2007 and it installed and configured so easily on my laptop. My external discs, printer, webcam, and camera were all recognized automatically by the o/s and installed for me--no searching the internet for something compatible or worse, having to write my own.

I tried red hat enterprise 3.5 last year and I can honestly say--I hated it! It also costs a LOT more than Mandriva.

Good start to this, Tomas! Are you going to allow script submissions here? If so, will you take scripts that are in all shells? Perl? Let me know...